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- Quick Stats

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Total Event Weight - 3738lb 0oz

Total Number Of Fish - 121

Overall Leaders - Martin Sisson & Stuart Thomson.

Leading Peg - Peg 36 on Kingfisher.

Leading by (Weight) - 22lb 9oz

'Quick Stats' indicate how the match is progressing. They are generated from the overall current standings and will change automatically when fish are added to the leaderboard. The 'Leading By Weight' is the difference between 1st and 2nd on the overall leaderboard.

- 10th Anniversary Champion of Champions

Champion of Champions

The Champion of Champions table contains previous event winners and is a special award to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Forces Carp Classic. Who will be crowned the overall 'Champion of Champions'?

144Wild Boar2016Matt Bird & Neil Baddeley 18 407lb 7oz
239Kingfisher2013Rob Chapman & Alan Barlow 10 330lb 1oz
315Heron2015Colwyn Jones & Graeme Andrews 10 326lb 0oz
44Attila2009Kevin McConnell & Scott Bradbury 3 103lb 4oz
53Attila2012Glenn Beardsall & Carl Hoyle 2 52lb 10oz
623Fox2011James Cain & Luke Taylor 1 28lb 4oz
730Fox2017Anthony Fox & Raulph Reddy 0 0lb 0oz
847Wild Boar2010Kevin Turner & David Goulding 0 0lb 0oz

- Live Stat Charts

Stat Charts

The 'Weight to Lake' chart indicates which lake is producing the overall largest weight of fish. The 'Fish to Lake' chart indicates which lake is producing the most fish. The 'Fish Type Percentage' chart shows data from all of the lakes.

All of the charts are populated automatically from the live tables.

- Attila Leaderboard


12Paul Bennet & Philip Kent

F1 - 40lb 12oz

F2 - 34lb 14oz

F3 - 29lb 7oz

105lb 1oz
24Kevin McConnell & Scott Bradbury

F1 - 43lb 2oz

F2 - 33lb 8oz

F3 - 26lb 10oz

103lb 4oz
36Paul Dukes & Daniel Dukes

F1 - 36lb 8oz

F2 - 26lb 10oz

F3 - 19lb 8oz

82lb 10oz
43Glenn Beardsall & Carl Hoyle

F1 - 30lb 12oz

F2 - 21lb 14oz

52lb 10oz
-1Ricky O'Connor & Michael Wells-0lb 0oz
-5Justin Burgoyne & Les Pond-0lb 0oz
-7Mick Greaves & Darryl Hoey-0lb 0oz

Attila Biggest Fish

4Kevin McConnell Mirror 43lb 2oz
6Paul Dukes Common 36lb 8oz

Attila is the most recent addition to the 'main Lakes' stable, having opened around 5 years ago to supplement the loss of Frog lake from the roster. Attila started life as the stock pond for Fox and Heron but at 18 acres in size is definitely a superb fishery in it's own right now! The lake has 9 pegs and Abbey allow up to 7 Anglers on at any one time, so while there isn't quite as much of a choice should you wish to change swims, it is always a possibility! The stock of Attila is once again a bit of an unknown quantity but estimates tend to suggest in the order of 650-800 carp ranging from mid 'doubles' up to the current lake record of just over 54lb, which was caught in august 2012.

- Heron Leaderboard


115Colwyn Jones & Graeme Andrews

F1 - 51lb 8oz

F2 - 39lb 8oz

F3 - 36lb 8oz

127lb 8oz
28Chris Seeley & Andrew Moore

F1 - 51lb 8oz

F2 - 42lb 2oz

F3 - 33lb 0oz

126lb 10oz
314Paul Mockeridge & Kevin Choules

F1 - 51lb 10oz

F2 - 43lb 6oz

F3 - 20lb 14oz

115lb 14oz
49Dean Spencer & Lee Spencer

F1 - 31lb 8oz

F2 - 31lb 4oz

F3 - 25lb 8oz

88lb 4oz
520Rhys Phillips & Matthew Thomas

F1 - 45lb 0oz

45lb 0oz
616Jason Hewer & Jason Cakebread

F1 - 34lb 0oz

34lb 0oz
713Robert Kinsman & Ian Winks

F1 - 29lb 12oz

29lb 12oz
810Jack Broughton & Ben Sercombe

F1 - 28lb 15oz

28lb 15oz
-11Les Brooks & Nathan Brooks-0lb 0oz
-12Dafyd Gould & Tony Collins-0lb 0oz
-17Stuart Beech & Ian Beech-0lb 0oz
-18Paul Sim & Wayne Middleton-0lb 0oz
-19Mark Walker & Chris Johnson-0lb 0oz
-21Roger Fullbrook & Kelvin Daniels-0lb 0oz

Heron Biggest Fish

14Kevin Choules Mirror 51lb 10oz
20Rhys Phillips Common 45lb 0oz
15Graeme Andrews Other 39lb 8oz

Heron was the second carp lake to open on the complex and at 35 acres, it is currently the largest too. Heron is an English carp fisherman's dream, comprising large open areas, smaller channels, an island and several secluded bays where you can tuck yourself away. There are 22 swims present with a 17 angler limit, again giving everyone the opportunity to move if they want to. The bottom of the lake is also a lot more undulating than in Fox and it is vital to use a marker rod or echo sounder to discover the best features in any given swim! Heron is the weedier of the 2 and in Summer has large beds of canadian pondweed in most areas of the lake, although like Fox, Heron is incredibly deep as opposed to most other commercial fisheries and this still leaves vast areas of the lake clear and allows you to fish over a firm gravel or silt bottom.

- Fox Leaderboard


125Thomas Hutt & Ollie Hutt

F1 - 51lb 4oz

F2 - 43lb 0oz

94lb 4oz
222Simon Gay & Jason Benyon

F1 - 48lb 2oz

F2 - 45lb 12oz

93lb 14oz
327Ian Oldham & Adam Wall

F1 - 63lb 8oz

63lb 8oz
426Ken Bowes & Bob Hughes

F1 - 52lb 0oz

52lb 0oz
531Matt Brookfield & Paul Mills

F1 - 47lb 4oz

47lb 4oz
634Jon Smith & Gareth Hughes

F1 - 43lb 8oz

43lb 8oz
723James Cain & Luke Taylor

F1 - 28lb 4oz

28lb 4oz
-24Chris Evens & Daryl Lavis-0lb 0oz
-28Alan Davies & Mark Ashmore-0lb 0oz
-29Philip Hughes & Rob Slater-0lb 0oz
-30Anthony Fox & Raulph Reddy-0lb 0oz
-32Sam Fisher & Richard Dust-0lb 0oz
-33Andy Knight & Tom Jackson-0lb 0oz
-35Terry Gorbutt & Paul Barrass-0lb 0oz

Fox Biggest Fish

27Adam Wall Mirror 63lb 8oz
22Simon Gay Common 48lb 2oz

Fox was the first Lake available to fish when Abbey opened it's doors way back in the year 2000. Since then it has progressed at an incredible rate and having matured from being the 'runs water' of old, it is now the jewel in the crown on the complex! The lake itself is around 25 acres in size and is shaped in roughly the same manner as a capital letter P. There are 18 swims around the lake and there is a limit of 13 anglers allowed at any one time, so there is always an option to move should you wish! The make up of the lake is a largely sand and gravel bed with a prolific growth of canadian pondweed around the margins in Summer and some silkweed beds in the central areas of the lake during the same period. There is a large plateau at the top end of the lake (in the head of the 'P') as well as numerous holes, gullies and bars to be found around the rest of the lake. Unlike most other French fisheries, depths range from 6'-8' in the steeply shelving margins down to an average of 14'-16' out in the middle, with deeper areas still between Pegs 14 and 15.

- Kingfisher Leaderboard


139Rob Chapman & Alan Barlow

F1 - 53lb 2oz

F2 - 47lb 0oz

F3 - 38lb 4oz

138lb 6oz
236Martin Sisson & Stuart Thomson

F1 - 47lb 10oz

F2 - 45lb 14oz

F3 - 44lb 8oz

138lb 0oz
340Les Wright & Ian Huggins

F1 - 53lb 14oz

F2 - 40lb 12oz

F3 - 37lb 8oz

132lb 2oz
441Robin Hood & Miles Holman

F1 - 38lb 2oz

F2 - 34lb 12oz

F3 - 30lb 12oz

103lb 10oz
537Jon Sarjant & Ian Watson

F1 - 37lb 10oz

37lb 10oz
643Jordan Ashmore & Matthew Ashmore

F1 - 24lb 12oz

24lb 12oz
-38Ronnie McKinnon & Derek Bowes-0lb 0oz
-42Trev Parks & Jamie Robinson-0lb 0oz

Kingfisher Biggest Fish

40Les Wright Mirror 53lb 14oz
39Rob Chapman Common 47lb 0oz

Kingfisher is something of an unknown quantity. Formerly marketed as Abbey's 'predator' Lake during the early years, it has started to throw up some seriously good looking and seriously heavy carp in equal measure during the past 18 months as the braver souls have tried a little 'pioneering' away from the crowds on Fox and Heron! At roughly 32 acres in size, this almost rectangular lake has it all. Depths range from 2'-42', there is a huge gravel bar that comes up from 24' to a depth of 2' under the surface, nearly cutting the Lake in to 2 halves. There are gorgeous clear, deep margins with depths up to 12' just a rod length out, a vast silty area nearly 4 acres in size, rafts of canadian pondweed and also a huge 'resident' weedbed along one bank that dominates almost a quarter of the lake in the height of Summer!

- Wild Boar Leaderboard

Wild Boar

144Matt Bird & Neil Baddeley

F1 - 36lb 8oz

F2 - 36lb 4oz

F3 - 34lb 0oz

106lb 12oz
245Adam Morris & Aaron Townsend

F1 - 34lb 14oz

F2 - 32lb 12oz

F3 - 30lb 14oz

98lb 8oz
350Rod Bird & John Durrant

F1 - 23lb 12oz

F2 - 23lb 8oz

F3 - 20lb 6oz

67lb 10oz
449Whiskey Haigh & David Prince

F1 - 24lb 4oz

F2 - 21lb 2oz

F3 - 17lb 8oz

62lb 14oz
548Tim Broughton & Dave Downing

F1 - 23lb 8oz

23lb 8oz
646Niel Eves & Stephen Morgan

F1 - 14lb 2oz

14lb 2oz
-47Kevin Turner & David Goulding-0lb 0oz

Wild Boar Biggest Fish

44Matt Bird Mirror 36lb 8oz
45Aaron Townsend Common 28lb 5oz

Wildboar had until recently been divided into 2 halves, catering for both match and specimen anglers but after 2 seasons of successfully netting and removing the smaller carp from WildBoar 2, the decision was taken to remove the temporary fence that had been installed and make the lake a whole again. Wild Boar is set to replace Attila as the 'runs water' on the complex with a huge head of carp that should provide plenty of action for anglers of all ages and abilities! The lake itself is a little over 14 acres in size and an interesting shape, which should give everyone fishing there, their own section of water with no problems from anglers opposite. There will be 12 swims available that can be occupied by no more than 10 anglers at any one time, it averages 10' in depth with fairly steep margins of between 5-6.5' within a rod length of the bank and a maximum depth at the Kingfisher lake end of nearly 20'. The lake's bed is almost entirely composed of sand, gravel and silt with barely any weed whatsoever. In terms of stock, we are unsure of the exact number of carp present but it is safe to say that it's many hundred and therefore, there are plenty for everybody! The majority of them weigh between 18-25lb now, with a few smaller fish still growing on but there are also some absolutely stunning fish in the 30-40lb bracket and the largest carp stocked from one of our external lakes weighs an impressive 55lb!

- Overall Leaderboard

Overall Leaderboard

The overall leaderboard default view is the top 10 pairs. Use the 'show' option to expand the table further.


136KingfisherMartin Sisson & Stuart Thomson 12 430lb 0oz
244Wild BoarMatt Bird & Neil Baddeley 18 407lb 7oz
339KingfisherRob Chapman & Alan Barlow 10 330lb 1oz
415HeronColwyn Jones & Graeme Andrews 10 326lb 0oz
540KingfisherLes Wright & Ian Huggins 8 278lb 13oz
645Wild BoarAdam Morris & Aaron Townsend 7 198lb 7oz
72AttilaPaul Bennet & Philip Kent 5 155lb 11oz
850Wild BoarRod Bird & John Durrant 8 150lb 0oz
914HeronPaul Mockeridge & Kevin Choules 4 135lb 12oz
109HeronDean Spencer & Lee Spencer 5 133lb 14oz

Overall Biggest Fish

27FoxAdam Wall Mirror 63lb 8oz
22FoxSimon Gay Common 48lb 2oz
15HeronGraeme Andrews Other 39lb 8oz

- Team Leaderboard

Team Leaderboard

Before the competition starts anglers can form a four man team (2 pegs). The total weight from both pegs is added together to make a team total. The winner is decided by the team that has the largest total weight at the end of the competition.

PosPegsTeam NameFishTotal
1 30, 44, Carpaholics Anonomous 18 407lb 7oz
2 5, 39, The Jokers 10 330lb 1oz
3 41, 45, Brothers From A Different Mother 10 302lb 1oz
4 32, 40, Huggy’s LSD 8 278lb 13oz
5 9, 14, IN IT 2 WIN IT 9 269lb 10oz
6 8, 25, Team Pursuit 5 220lb 14oz
7 22, 48, RNRM 1 3 117lb 6oz
8 10, 49, RNRM 2 4 91lb 13oz
9 6, 11, Dads & Lads 3 82lb 10oz
10 16, 35, Trev’s Barmy Army 1 34lb 0oz
11 13, 29, Pilgrim Baits 1 29lb 12oz
12 23, 24, Just Not Carping 1 28lb 4oz
13 12, 18, A2 Dyno’s 0 0lb 0oz
14 7, 42, The MotherHookers 0 0lb 0oz

- Live Fish Log

Live Fish Log

Below is a list of all the fish caught during the event (latest capture first). The default view is the last 10 fish. Use the 'show' option to expand the table further. Click the camera icon to view the fish image.


126Sat 20 Oct 9:1536Stuart Thomson Mirror 43lb 12oz
125Sat 20 Oct 8:493Carl Hoyle Common 21lb 14oz
124Sat 20 Oct 8:3236Stuart Thomson Mirror 47lb 10oz
123Sat 20 Oct 8:1738Ronnie McKinnon Catfish 25lb 4oz
122Sat 20 Oct 8:0050Rod Bird Common 20lb 6oz
121Sat 20 Oct 7:3040Ian Huggins Mirror 24lb 2oz
120Sat 20 Oct 2:3315Graeme Andrews Mirror 51lb 8oz
119Sat 20 Oct 0:1550Rod Bird Common 23lb 12oz
118Fri 19 Oct 21:3550Rod Bird Mirror 19lb 2oz
117Fri 19 Oct 21:1636Stuart Thomson Catfish 52lb 8oz

- Catfish Leaderboard

Catfish Leaderboard

Below is the individual Catfish Leaderboard. Kingfisher is the main lake producing big Catfish but captures are possible from all lakes. There is a prize for the biggest Catfish caught during the competition.

140Ian Huggins 1 83lb 14oz
236Stuart Thomson 1 52lb 8oz
338Derek Bowes 1 37lb 0oz
438Ronnie McKinnon 1 25lb 4oz
542Trev Parks 1 19lb 8oz

Overall Biggest Catfish

40KingfisherIan Huggins Catfish 83lb 14oz

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