Event Progress : 100%

Overall Standings

PosTotalPegSectionCountryNamesFish 1Fish 2Fish 3WCC Ref
161.6 kg63


Larysa Switlyk
Hans Sissingh
Mattie Curfs
21.5 kg21.0 kg19.1 kgWCC15-002Sponsored By:Carp Connections
259.3 kg9


Lizette Beunders
Bianca Venema
22.6 kg22.5 kg14.2 kgWCC15-014Sponsored By:Shimano Dynamite
355.7 kg1


Daniele Colapicchioni
Riccardo Battisti
Roberto Mattei
21.5 kg19.2 kg15.0 kgWCC15-025
440.5 kg11


Adrian Modzelewski
Jan Zawada
17.0 kg13.3 kg10.2 kgWCC15-052
535.7 kg50


Frank Granados
Angel Bonal
Andy McGregor
19.8 kg15.9 kg-WCC15-009Sponsored By:Shimano Dynamite
630.6 kg96


Joop Kabalt
Stado Hund
22.4 kg8.2 kg-WCC15-087
726.2 kg52


Viktor Lehrner
Andreas Gumilar
26.2 kg--WCC15-088Sponsored By:Carpspot
823.6 kg56


Paul Johnson
Darren Weatherley
15.5 kg8.1 kg-WCC15-057
922.8 kg85


Andrzej Walczak
Jaroslaw Dabrowski
Krzysztof Charmuszko
22.8 kg--WCC15-001Sponsored By:Carp R Us
1018.1 kg24


Lences Carlo
Gras Carlo
18.1 kg--WCC15-061Sponsored By:Elite Carp Baits
1117.2 kg62

Czech Rep

Karel Nikl
Jan Dadak
Jakub Erhart Kumsta
17.2 kg--WCC15-093Sponsored By:Carp R Us
1216.8 kg93


Marcin Mrowinski
Michal Waliszka
Krzysztof Lewandowski
16.8 kg--WCC15-045
1316.4 kg76


Martin Wihlstrand
Gert Samuelsson
Janne Bohlin
16.4 kg--WCC15-036
1415.6 kg53


Tim Paisley
Lee Jackson
15.6 kg--WCC15-041Sponsored By:Angling Publications
1515.5 kg59


Steve Howard
Tom Wright
15.5 kg--WCC15-024
1615.2 kg72


Twan Boekelder
Maarten Gommers
Daan Uijen
15.2 kg--WCC15-073Sponsored By:Carp Connections
1715.0 kg15


Rene Lieke
Philipp Czapla
15.0 kg--WCC15-099Sponsored By:Shimano Dynamite
1812.1 kg3


Andrea Fava
Davide Decataldo
Giovanni Borgognoni
12.1 kg--WCC15-013Sponsored By:Shimano Dynamite
1911.4 kg8


Katy Henry
Gilles Menicucci
11.4 kg--WCC15-026Sponsored By:Plano
2010.8 kg6


Giorgio Rigucci
Andrea Rigucci
Denis Carboni
10.8 kg--WCC15-065

Section Leaders

The World Carp Classic section leaders are the pairs with the heaviest pair total in their section. If a pair is currently sitting 1st, 2nd or 3rd overall they cannot be a section leader. The system will automatically detect this and pick the pair with the heaviest total weight outside of the overall top 3.

SectionPegTotalCountryNamesWCC Ref
5623.6 kg


Paul Johnson
Darren Weatherley

Team Event

The World Carp Classic team competition is the combined pairs total of two pegs that form a team total (the top 3 heaviest fish per pair added together). The system will generate the team standings automatically as soon as the fish have been authorised.

Currently no fish have been logged for a team.

Section Totals

SectionNo. Of FishSection Total
19264.6 kg
10165.2 kg
477.5 kg
470.2 kg
233.1 kg
231.6 kg
17.2 kg

Event Biggest Fish

Peg: 52 Ref: WCC15-088Viktor Lehrner26.2 kg

Live Fish Log


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LogDate/TimeWCC RefPegAngler NameTypeWeightStatus
422015-09-21 06:30WCC15-08796Joop Kabalt 8.2 kg Approved
412015-09-22 02:00WCC15-0251Daniele Colapicchioni 21.5 kg Approved
402015-09-22 07:00WCC15-0149Lizette Beunders 11.7 kg Approved
392015-09-22 06:59WCC15-08310Marco van Poelgeest 8.9 kg Approved
382015-09-22 02:00WCC15-05211Jan Zawada 13.3 kg Approved
372015-09-22 20:15WCC15-00263Hans Sissingh 21.0 kg Approved
362015-09-22 21:03WCC15-06124Lences Carlo 18.1 kg Approved
352015-09-22 21:15WCC15-00263Mattie Curfs 12.1 kg Approved
342015-09-22 21:05WCC15-00185Krzysztof Charmuszko 22.8 kg Approved
332015-09-22 23:30WCC15-0149Bianca Venema 12.5 kg Approved