2019-09-21 16:22

World Carp Classic UK Qualifier

(Horseshoe Lake)

03 - 05 May 2019

Event Progress : 100%



3Steven Coe & James Buckler F1 - 13.4kg
F2 - 10.7kg
F3 - 10.3kg
21Ryan Mullins & Steve Davies F1 - 14.8kg
F2 - 8.0kg
F3 - 7.5kg
312Tony Gibson & Miles Carter F1 - 12.8kg
411Dusan Kovacik & Giedrius Paskauskas F1 - 10.1kg
-2Kevin Scarff & Simon Scarff-0.0kg
-4Adam Sharpe & Hesham Ramadan-0.0kg
-5Wieslaw Bialozyt & Jacek Wojciuch-0.0kg
-6Michael Mack & Ben Hodgetts-0.0kg
-7Matthew Morris & Darren Smith-0.0kg
-8Connor Johnson & Rob Hallet-0.0kg
-9Robert Saunders & George Withers-0.0kg
-10Matthew Eden & Terry Eden-0.0kg
-13Ady Fytche & Matt Woodward-0.0kg
-14James Pither & Janson Cartwright-0.0kg
-15Alan Rainsford & Jacek Brodowski-0.0kg
-16Ritchie Leat & Ross Ryder-0.0kg
-17Andrew Tye & Jim Cameron-0.0kg

Overall Biggest Fish

1Steve Davies Mirror 14.8kg

Live Fish Log

Below is a list of all the fish logged during the event (latest capture first).


12Sun 5 May 1:3211Giedrius Paskauskas Mirror 10.1kg
11Sat 4 May 22:443James Buckler Mirror 10.3kg
10Sat 4 May 14:463Steven Coe Mirror 10.7kg
9Sat 4 May 12:5312Miles Carter Mirror 12.8kg
8Sat 4 May 11:103James Buckler Mirror (FS) 8.1kg
7Sat 4 May 10:501Steve Davies Mirror 14.8kg
6Sat 4 May 10:413Steven Coe Mirror 7.2kg
5Sat 4 May 9:253Steven Coe Leather 13.4kg
4Sat 4 May 5:153Steven Coe Mirror 8.2kg
3Fri 3 May 13:011Steve Davies Mirror 8.0kg

What we hold?

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